Good Morning Chicago

Chicago Sunrise Photography

I think Phil Dunphy said it best Watch a sunrise at least once a day.”

There’s no better way to start off your day than to watch a sunrise. Those few moments as the sky gets illuminated with light for the first time that day. Birds begin to fly while we start our morning jog. It’s one of the most simplest and beautiful moments that many often overlook and that I wish that I can enjoy more often. The Chicago Sunrise.

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Shake Your Tail Feathers

Lincoln Park Peacock Photography

If you haven’t noticed, apart from architecture, I am mildly obsessed with nature and animal photography. So when I go to the Brookfield Zoo, it’s hard to pry myself away from behind the camera. With a wide variety of subjects, there’s always something to photograph, such as these colorful birds. They’re quite hard to miss, due to the fact that once they spread their feathers, there’s usually a large crowd around, taking pictures while their kids are chasing them. I was one of those taking pictures.

Looking up #7

860-880 Chicago Architecture Photography


Looking up at two of my favorite architectural buildings in Chicago, 860-880 Lake Shore Drive apartments. Designed by architect Mies Van Der Rohe, he not only played an essential role in Chicago architecture but has always been an inspiration to my photography. ‘Less is More’ has framed the groundwork of how I perceived photography starting out and to this day.

Morning Drops


Last nights rain was still present in the air but the sun was quickly erasing any physical remnants of it’s existence. A soft light hit the corner of my eye; an unexpected encounter as I walked out of my front door in the early morning. A few drops of water, suspended in the air as if they were walking on a tight rope. Each one illuminated by the sun as I snapped some photographs. Something as small as a spider web stopped me in my tracks, and I’ve never really appreciated the beauty of these natural moments until I got up close and viewed nature from a different perspective. These are a few moments in nature that I often overlook; that I often walk right by as I’m checking my email on my phone. Nature photography or just photography in general seems to have made me aware of my surroundings a lot more than I have ever thought. Something as small as a spider web can be as big a city just by viewing it through a lens.