Living in the Sky

A Chicago Panorama

I’ve never been a big fan of heights. In fact, I just do not like them. Although as much as I despise heights, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit the Sky Deck. I remember walking into the elevator with 20 complete strangers, ready to embark on this 103 story ride to the top of Chicago. Once the doors open, I walked out in excitement. I was surrounded by panorama views of Chicago. Then I saw the ledge. A glass box extending 4 feet into the sky. I slowly walked in after about 10 minutes of contemplating whether I should or not. But all the fear washed away the second I stepped on the glass. I felt like I was standing in the sky, getting ready to float with the clouds. I noticed the people coating next to me. They all seemed to be in their own little world. I remember liking this image because it seemed to capture a family living in the sky.


2 thoughts on “Living in the Sky

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