The Milwaukee Art Museum

Milwaukee Art Museum

Milwaukee Art Museum

Many people have both written about and photographed this building beautifully and so I did not have a specific agenda upon visiting the Milwaukee Art Museum. For this was never intended to become a series, nor a documentary, but I found that it became a sort of journey. I let my mind free to wander, to explore behind my lens. Snapping moments; freezing light. I watched how people interacted within the space. It was clean; a neutral canvas which allowed me to paint my own story. A more minimal and abstract approach. In the end, this became an unintentional project. The project of a free mind. For these are not moments that I have captured, but moments that have captured me. Like A Touch of Autumn, I turned these pictures into a small photography book in which you can download here. My last post was part of this series that I ended up splitting into two separate posts of exterior and interior. This is my story of the Milwaukee Art Museum.


3 thoughts on “The Milwaukee Art Museum

  1. amazing work… I’m totally in love with your abstract architecture shots…head over heels… :))
    the first picture here reminds me of a sailing ship… and in the book, the image on The Open Invitation page, is something I’d hang on my wall… stunning…

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