Oh, Flamingos

A flock of pink Flamingos

A flock of pink Flamingos

The scene that I always see as I walk out of Lincoln Park Zoo is the sea of vibrant pink feathers. A flock of tall birds huddled close to each other. The flamingos have always been one of my favorite animals to watch and until recently photograph. I honestly do not know why I’m so captivated by flamingos. Maybe it’s the way that their eyes appear to be staring back at me, or the elegant way their necks form the shape of an S; or maybe it’s the way that they can unexpectedly spread their wings like the sails of a ship ready to depart to sea. Whatever the reason may be, they have inspired my photography whether it be how I look at animal photography or experimenting with a new style, such as abstract painting photography. These were my models for the day; these are the pink flamingos.


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