I’m Addicted to the City Lights

Chicago Aerial Photography

Chicago Aerial Night Photography

Chicago Aerial Night Photography

Walking up to the helicopter, I felt the tremble of the blades hit my stomach. I could barely hear myself think, but there was not much thought going through my head at the moment. Anticipation, yes. I quickly put on my headset and I felt the helicopter slowly lift off of the ground. As our pilot was describing what we were flying over, I was speechless. I would glance out the window and immediately remember walking down that exact street. The city lights, resembling a million fireflies floating above the city, sparkled as we flew by. This was Chicago. The tourist snapping photos of us as we passed the Sky Deck, while Navy Pier was illuminating the darkness of the lake. From the bustling of the Chicago grid to the calmness of Lake Michigan, the energy of this city seemed endless. This was an unforgettable experience and I couldn’t say enough great things about the Chicago Helicopter Express. As we landed, I realized that there was only one problem. I was going to go home in a car and not 1000 ft in the air.


5 thoughts on “I’m Addicted to the City Lights

  1. I’m gonna start with WOW as well 🙂 amazing shots…
    love the second one, for the beautiful and dramatic colors in the sky…
    the streets in all shots make such beautiful lines, this is your eye for composition!!!
    but how did you stabilize your hand to take these shots? I bet it’s not easy to shoot while onboard of a helicopter…

    • Thank you Alexandra! This was definitely an amazing experience. It was actually quite a smoother ride than I thought it would be. I did however sacrifice my ISO to increase my shutter speed but I’m hoping to go again during the day to see the difference!

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