In My Own Backyard


I haven’t had much time to go out and shoot this past week. I’ve decided to stay local and wander around my backyard. The grass is becoming greener, the flowers are beginning bloom, and the air a bit warmer. It’s spring and nature is beginning to rejuvenate itself. I used to walk around my backyard all the time when I first started photography and then I started to seek out new locations. I never thought much about it again. I guess I thought I explored all there was to it, photographed everything there was to photograph. But the past hour or so I spent with my camera, it seemed like I was seeing it through new eyes. There are a couple of places in Chicago that I tend to visit regularly, due to the fact that they are always changing. This was different though. There was not much that has changed physically but there was much that has changed visually. Visually, in terms of how I saw it photography wise. I’ve noticed this not only in how I photograph but in how I process as well. This little trip down memory lane has made me realize the change in how I view photography as well as the growth I have made in photography just by standing in my own backyard.


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