A Portrait of a Flower #4

Flower Photography Bloom

Flower Photography Bloom


This is my fourth post from my on going series, A Portrait of a Flower, in which I explore different ways to express the beauty of a flower  by imagining it as a subject of a portrait. This idea is more of a way for me to experiment with different ways to view nature photography, and forces me to think differently about each shot. This photo was taken while on a walk through the blooming Dahlia Garden in Golden Gate Park. As I dodged the children running by and the young couples plucking the petals one by one, I stopped to admire the beautiful display of flowers.  I’ve always been interested in patterns and nature especially in the realms of photography and was immediately struck when I saw this flower. I was quickly drawn to the distinct shape of this flower and wanted to capture how it appeared to be blooming before my eyes. I wanted to capture the muted tones of this flower while allowing the petals to softly fall out of focus. After a couple of shots, I just sat there and admired where I was. I was surrounded by nature and couldn’t be happier. This is a Portrait of a Flower.



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