A Walk on the Rocks

Crashing of the water against the rocks

Crashing of the water against the rocks

I’ve recently started going through some of my older photographs and it’s like I’m viewing them in a “different light”. Although, there is a repetitive theme or characteristic that I can see hasn’t changed much within the years of my photography. The idea of capturing a moment; freezing that moment in time. The subject and composition of these photographs resemble much of that I currently see in my photography. These photographs were taken while I was traveling through San Francisco, California. It was only a couple of months after I first picked up a camera and started my journey through photography. I can already see my curiosity for landscape photography emerging. Looking back at this day, I remember this was my first time being in San Francisco, and photography was not a concern to me. I walked down to the beach and was immediately hit with a feeling of euphoria. Whether it was the footsteps in the sand or the crashing of the waves, these were moments that I couldn’t describe in words. I used my camera merely as a tool to capture these snapshots and as I look back, I’m reminded how important photography is to me. It reminds me of the footsteps it took to get to where I currently am but most importantly, it reminds me of walks like this; A walk on the rocks.


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