Burn After Reading

Burn After Reading

This weekend I started to work on a couple of new ideas. Something I have never done before and that I’m pretty excited about. Everywhere I look, I can’t help but to get inspired. From just walking outside to seeing all of your work, I feel like there’s so many different areas to explore within photography and I want to try them all. This photograph is reflection of escaping from my norm and taking a risk. A book of everything that I’m comfortable with in the realms of photography and burning it and trying something new. I will always be curious with the world and will continue to explore it through photography as I’ve done but I am just excited about this new chapter that I am writing. A new beginning. Keep an eye out for some of these new ideas on Wednesday!


5 thoughts on “Burn After Reading

  1. love the concept and how you have put it to life… it’s like a metaphor of that inspiration and that risk your refer to under the photo 🙂 🙂
    the light is very interesting too, leaving the man in the shadow and highlighting the hands and the fire…
    fantastic work!!

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