Trapped. This is a concept that I’ve wanted to convey for a while now. It’s a notion of being over taken by one’s inner demons sort to speak. It’s not as simple as having that voice whispering in your ear persuading you to take part of an act that should be avoided but more of a dependence. There are moments like this where you feel like you can’t escape. It physically takes a hold onto you and you can’t escape from it. I’ve seen it happen and have experience it as well and it’s hard to fight free from it. You lose control. The hardest part is that it never leaves. It’s a part of you. It is you.

7 thoughts on “Trapped

  1. I really like the concept, and great shot!
    PS: I am sure that I have been following your blog but somehow I don’t follow you anymore (?) – I am not sure what has happened 😦

  2. it’s a very expressive shot and a great concept… the first thought that flashed through my mind when I looked at the shot was “spider”and “spiderweb”… because of the position of the hands probably… we all feel this way sometimes, trapped in our own web of inner desires, restraints or fears… love it, Paul!!

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