A City within a City

Chicago Split Architecture

I hear a familiar honk coming from a taxi as I see a person escaping to the sidewalk after nearly getting hit. It’s a well known scene in Chicago that occurs quite too often. People often get numb to their surroundings after living in a place for a good amount of time. They assimilate the culture and become intertwined in what they are used to that sometimes they forget how beautiful they’re 10 minute walk really is. I have often been a victim, whether it was a meeting I was supposed to get to or a get together that I’m usually running late to. Nevertheless, I make it a priority to take a second and look. I’ve down the streets of Chicago plenty of times, although it seems like no matter where I look up there’s always something new to see. This was one of those moments. Chicago architecture has always been a sort of passion of mine while abstract photography has always allowed me to see everyday scenes just a little bit differently. This was one of those moments where I combined them together to see something new. A city within a city. A scene within a scene.


2 thoughts on “A City within a City

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