Looking Up #6

Chicago Architecture Looking Up

I’m always looking up towards the sky; that’s just how I am. I haven’t added to my Looking Up series for a while, so I’d thought I would today. No matter where I am or where I travel to, I always seem to find myself looking up. Whether it’s at the architecture that surrounds me or the trees that cover me, sometimes It just feels better to look up and get lost.


4 thoughts on “Looking Up #6

  1. I get vertigo when I look up at tall buildings like that, but I still do it. I love the rush I get from it. 🙂

    Great photos! I want to go find a building, and look up!

    • Thank you ddraug! No matter where I go, I always tend to look up at buildings. Sometimes I find myself almost falling backwards, so I guess I get a rush from trying to stay on my feet. 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

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