Morning Drops


Last nights rain was still present in the air but the sun was quickly erasing any physical remnants of it’s existence. A soft light hit the corner of my eye; an unexpected encounter as I walked out of my front door in the early morning. A few drops of water, suspended in the air as if they were walking on a tight rope. Each one illuminated by the sun as I snapped some photographs. Something as small as a spider web stopped me in my tracks, and I’ve never really appreciated the beauty of these natural moments until I got up close and viewed nature from a different perspective. These are a few moments in nature that I often overlook; that I often walk right by as I’m checking my email on my phone. Nature photography or just photography in general seems to have made me aware of my surroundings a lot more than I have ever thought. Something as small as a spider web can be as big a city just by viewing it through a lens.


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