Get in the Car & Drive


Edge of Niagara Falls

It’s just one of those days you get in your car and drive. Sometimes we just need to step away from whatever may be happening in our lives and escape for just a moment. I think everybody does at some point. This was one of those days. I drove all night just so I could be somewhere that I have never been before; just so I could see something that I have never seen before. When I arrived to Niagara Falls, Canada, I did not know what to expect nor did I have any expectations. But when I walked down to the falls, I couldn’t help but smile. The smell in the air, the mist hitting my face as I walked closer, and the sound of the crashing water was music to my ears. It was perfect. I couldn’t help but to just stand there and stare. It was beautiful. A moment I will never forget. This was just one of those days I got in my car and drove… drove to Niagara Falls.


9 thoughts on “Get in the Car & Drive

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