The Smoky Mountains: A Nature Walk

smoky mountains nature photography

I was 600 miles away from home but it felt a lot farther. I drove straight through the night and now I was winding down the roads of the Smoky Mountains. A spontaneous road trip I guess, a get in your car and drive moment  I suppose, whatever it was, I did not regret a thing. I quickly pulled over the first chance I could get. With the mountains surrounding me, I quickly grabbed my camera, got out, and started venturing through the woods. It was quiet besides the few sticks cracking beneath my feet. It was peaceful and unexpected as well. From a forest crawling with life to the ground scattered with snow a couple of feet away to flowing streams carving it’s way through the landscape. Every step was an adventure; a new moment I would have never seen if I did not  imaged how it would feel to wake up and see the mountains.

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4 thoughts on “The Smoky Mountains: A Nature Walk

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