The Quiet Life

Chicago Winter Photography

The cold breeze struck my face as I quickly got off the train to Chicago. This was my first visit this year, and I couldn’t have picked a colder day. As I walked down the street, passing by familiar scenes of skateboarders chasing pigeons and couples ice skating under the Cloud Gate (the bean), I barely pulled out my camera. I was enjoying just being in this moment. It was hard not to be happy when every where you looked a stranger was smiling. So I continued my walk to the lake and found myself on the beach. May have not been the best weather for it, but there was just something about being there that was very comforting. I found myself sharing it with a couple who seemed to be on the same mission. They silently walked along the shore, taking moments to just stare out at the lake. I watched them as they were taking everything in. Although we were surrounded by the plethora of city sounds, it’s hard to be distracted while living the quiet life.

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