Somethings Never get Old

Michigan Sunset Photography

Somethings never get old. 

Over the weekend, I found myself riding a bike in Michigan, with the same exhilaration I once had when I was young. It might have been due to the scenery or maybe that there was not an objective or destination that I was riding to, but I forgot all about time. Once I got to the beach I watched the grass dance in the wind as the sun slowly sets. Time flies by so much that I often forget about what used to make me happy when I was young and had no care in the world. I just have to always remember…

Somethings never get old.


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7 thoughts on “Somethings Never get Old

      • I live in Michigan and I’ve ridden my bike around Holland and Grand Haven. I have a book entitled “Short Bike Rides in Michigan” and I’ve pedaled my way through most of it. Your gorgeous photo looked like it might have been taken along a stretch of the Mission Peninsula.

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  2. this is incredibly beautiful… so serene…
    do you get this star-shaped light by closing down the aperture? have you used any filters too to stop down light?

    • Thank you so much Alexandra, It really was quite peaceful and serene. I got the sunburst by slowing down my shutter speed and did that by using a neutral density filter. I enjoy this filter because it allows me to take long exposures even in daylight!

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