Michigan: Pictured Rocks


Sunset on the 12 mile beach in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

I recently cam back from a weekend road trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Waking up 4 am, I was running purely on excitement (a couple of cups of coffee). We packed everything in our cars and started our journey. Driving right along Lake Michigan, through small towns and being surrounded by countless forests, it did not feel like a 5 1/2 hour drive at all. While singing along to every song like I was closing out a karaoke bar probably made everyone feel like it was a 10 hour drive, but oh well. We made it to Munising and once we arrived, we found a small secluded camp site about 30 minutes away, right along Lake Superior. It was called 12 mile beach, secluded, quiet and simply beautiful. This was the best day weather wise, and I stayed on the beach to watch the sunset.

The next day, we set out to kayak along the Pictured Rocks in Munising, Michigan. It was cloudy but didn’t rain once. The waves were calm and although I’ve been kayaking before, I have never been surrounded by anything as picturesque before. We traveled along sandstone cliffs, waterfalls and even over a shipwreck (I thought I captured it but I guess I just got the lake bottom). Overall it was quite an experience and I would love to kayak the lake shore again.

The last day was a rainy one, but a relaxing one. It was filled with mainly curiosity. Walking down paths just to get lost and see what new places there is to be discovered.


Although we stayed for three days, I felt like I only got a small taste of what the Upper Peninsula has to offer. With countless caves and islands to still be explored, trails to be hiked and views to take in, I’m already planning on going back. It’s just the wanderlust in me. If anyone has any suggestions for future road trips or places that you have enjoyed, I would love to hear them! Thanks for reading!

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