Garden of Waterfalls


Ever since I was little I have always been drawn to water. I always loved rivers and watching water flow down the street after/ during a rain storm and today was no different. I woke up, looked outside and maybe it was the kid in me or the wanderlust or a little bit of both, but I really had an urge to see a waterfall.  Within an instant, I grabbed my camera, got in my car and set off through the mist to Matthiessen State Park (even though I just knew that it was going to start to pour any second). It was just my luck that once I pulled into the parking lot, the rain started to pick up. I waited for a couple of minutes, as I watched families who were gathered for a picnic embrace mother nature, singing while they ran to throw water balloons at each other. As the rain began to die down, I made my way down the wooden stairs, descending to the base of Matthiessen’s shady canyon floor. I hiked along the river which carves it’s way through the sandstone, offering quite an experience and a spectacular view of this sort of hidden gem in Illinois. It seemed like I had the whole park to myself, listening to nothing but the birds, water and the occasional couple trudging back through the water. Once I heard the the sound of rushing water, I knew I found what I was looking for. I found myself in the garden of waterfalls.

I would love to hear/ see of any waterfalls you have visited before, please share them!


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