The Way We Choose to See Things

Creative Chicago Architecture Photography

Chicago Architecture Photography

The way we choose to see things makes all the difference. It gives you a different perspective. Sometimes I walk around and feel like I’m living in this little bubble, constantly going through the motions and stuck in a this world of “comfortability” sort to speak. Not to say that being comfortable is wrong/ bad by any means, but I tend to need a change in my routine every now and then in order to keep being excited about what I do. And this is not only speaking in terms of photography. Every time I travel to Chicago, I usually take the Metra Railway to Chicago Union Station. I get off and weave through the crowd of people with their own agenda at hand, and as I exit, I am always welcomed by the Sears (Willis) Tower. There’s always a line out the door waiting for their chance to visit the Skydeck, along with couples taking selfies with it in the background. I have seen it many times, and have photographed it too many times to count. I usually just pass by it now, as it has become yet another billboard on my route through the city. But instead of passing by it a hundred times and just brushing this architecture marvel off my shoulders, what if instead, I looked at it 100 different ways. Now that’s exciting.

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Exploring Iceland: The West

reykjavik Church Iceland Photography

In August I went on a trip that I never thought that I would have ever gone on. Iceland. I traveled around the ring road for 8 days in a camper car. It was honestly the most amazing experience in my life and none of the pictures that I took truly do justice to the beauty of Iceland. I look back, reminiscing on each picture, while writing this post and I think “Maybe it’s sad that this is now a memory”. But hey, maybe it’s not. It’s like they say, we take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone. I remember each and every moment it still sends chills down my spine. I can’t wait to go back. On another the other hand I think I may have over done it with pictures while visiting Iceland. I went through 3 memory cards, 3 batteries in about 8 days so I’m happy to share some of my Iceland photography from an unbelievable trip. Here’s some of my photography from road tripping around the Golden Circle, Reykjavik, & West Iceland.

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Ripple Effect

Chicago Aqua Building

I really enjoy framing buildings in a way to remove their context and focus on the part that makes up the whole. Emphasizing the the rippling balconies that create the unique facade of this building. No matter how many times I pass by the Aqua building it always makes me look up.


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Living Above

Living Above

When thinking about this picture I was quickly reminded of a book I read some time ago called Delirious New York by an architect named Rem Koolhaas. It reminded me about vertical living. How instead of sprawling north, south, east or west, we instead went up. I recall reading  about how the invention of the elevator allowed hundreds of people live and work on the same plot of land but have completely different lives. How every floor can open up to a different world and you never know until the doors open and you step out. I know I am rambling about what may seem as nonsense, but that is what I love so much about photography. A picture of a Chicago high rise reminds me of a book I read in college, it reminds me of how something as simple as an elevator has changed and molded the urban city as we know it, but more importantly it reminds me of the different worlds people live in. Right now, in this moment, people are going to work, reading a book, eating lunch, walking in the park, flying in a plane or just writing a blog. It just makes me think.


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Out of Focus



There are days where I would just take the train eastbound to Chicago just to walk around, and enjoy the city lights. Sometimes I pull out my camera and take pictures and sometimes I don’t. I enjoy these days the best. Days where I’m not focused on being behind a camera, and can enjoy where I am at that moment. While at the same time these are the days where I experiment the most with my photography. This was one of those days, where being out of focus was the only way to get back into focus. In some ways, blurring my view allows me to see places differently and appreciate a places like the Chicago Post Office by Mies van der Rohe just a little bit more.

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Blue View

Chicago Abstract Architecture Photography

I never get tired of that blue view… The best part about abstract photography is that there are no rules. I love being able to transform ordinary scenes that I walk by everyday and turn them into an unordinary scenes. Removing the context behind an image to the point that you lose what it is, keeps me knowing that things aren’t always how they appear. Sometimes you just have to look at it in a different perspective.

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Looking Up #8

Chicago Cultural Center

Even to this day I still walk the streets like a tourist, a nomad traveling through the streets of Chicago, admiring the beautiful architecture that surrounds like it was just created that day. And even as I walking through buildings like the Chicago Cultural Center, there’s always a moment that surprises me. a moment that is new. This is Looking Up at the Chicago Cultural Center.

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