Set the Sky on Fire

Clouds Nature Photography

I could see in the sky that a storm was approaching quick. The air even had a different smell to it. I was on my way to Chicago to do some night shooting, thinking that just as long as I keep driving that Mother Nature wouldn’t be able to catch me. In that instant I saw a part in the clouds, light came shining through and just like that, the sun set the sky on fire. It lasted  a couple of minutes before one raindrop turned into two and two in billions. Mother Nature caught me.

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You’ll Find Me Watching the Waves

Lake Michigan Water Photography

As I was walking back from the Oak Street Beach in Chicago, I noticed the subtle movements of Lake Michigan out of the corner of my eye. I turned and watched as the ripples danced across the surface. It seemed hypnotic at one point as if it put me in a momentary trance. I’ve always had a love for the sea, the oceans, lakes & even puddles. I don’t know what it is but whenever I’m in Chicago you’ll find me watching the waves.

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Behind the Streetlamp

Chicago Street Light

Often over looked but always essential. The Chicago streetlamp shines down as the sun goes down. Offering a sort of protection to those who wander underneath it. Breaking through the darkness as it provides a sort of path through the bustling streets of Chicago. Just follow the light.

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Blue View

Chicago Abstract Architecture Photography

I never get tired of that blue view… The best part about abstract photography is that there are no rules. I love being able to transform ordinary scenes that I walk by everyday and turn them into an unordinary scenes. Removing the context behind an image to the point that you lose what it is, keeps me knowing that things aren’t always how they appear. Sometimes you just have to look at it in a different perspective.

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A City within a City

Chicago Split Architecture

I hear a familiar honk coming from a taxi as I see a person escaping to the sidewalk after nearly getting hit. It’s a well known scene in Chicago that occurs quite too often. People often get numb to their surroundings after living in a place for a good amount of time. They assimilate the culture and become intertwined in what they are used to that sometimes they forget how beautiful they’re 10 minute walk really is. I have often been a victim, whether it was a meeting I was supposed to get to or a get together that I’m usually running late to. Nevertheless, I make it a priority to take a second and look. I’ve down the streets of Chicago plenty of times, although it seems like no matter where I look up there’s always something new to see. This was one of those moments. Chicago architecture has always been a sort of passion of mine while abstract photography has always allowed me to see everyday scenes just a little bit differently. This was one of those moments where I combined them together to see something new. A city within a city. A scene within a scene.



Abstract Architecture

I planned to spend this Saturday evening to watch a concert along the lake but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to travel through the streets of any city (I was also starving). Walking into the shadows of Milwaukee, hearing nothing but the sound of my stomach rumble, I came across a shell. I was quickly drawn to the shadows created as the sun was going down. It reminded me of the Drivers Express Facility in Chicago. There was nothing significant about the architecture but the patterns created gave me a reason to stop, look up and capture the moment.