Waking Up in Michigan

Lake Michigan Sunset Landscape Photography

Lake Michigan Recreation Area Photography

I close my eyes and all I hear are the leaves being slowly pushed by the wind. This is where I am most at ease; the most myself. I enjoy it. Waking up with the trees above your head, cooking a meal over a fire, listening to the wood crackle as it burns while breathing in the fresh air. A couple of weeks ago, I drove up to the Lake Michigan Recreation Area. There was no reason in particular, I guess it just seemed like a good opportunity to get away for a day; to keep it simple, no distractions and to just be. I knew I was getting close as both window seats were filled with views of endless trees. A bumpy, dirt road gently carves it way through the forest as to leave the least impact of it ever being there. Once I opened up my door, there seemed to be a sense of relief. The air carried the soft sounds of laughter with a backdrop of the lake meeting the shore. I smiled with every step closer to the beach, and as my feet hit the sand I felt like a child again. Whenever I road trip, hike or just wander by myself, I always feel like I’m at peace, like I have the world in the palm of my hands. Maybe because I can clear my head of every thought and just live in that moment. Here are a couple of those moments that made me smile.

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As the Sun Goes Down | Engagement Photography


Ciara + Mike | Patriots Park Engagement Photography

I had recently been asked if I could do a wonderful couple’s engagement photography which I have been fortunate enough to be friends with for quite some time. I of course couldn’t have been more delighted. We chose to do the session around a small lake at Patriots Park in Downers Grove, IL. The weather was perfect and as the sun was going down, it filled the park with a beautiful, warm glow. The whole time felt like just a couple of friends hanging out, laughing with the occasion snap of the camera. I couldn’t have been happier to not only be part of this momentouis time for them but more for what lies ahead for the both of them.  As they say “We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.” I hope that they return to this moment someday, and smile. 

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The Way We Choose to See Things

Creative Chicago Architecture Photography

Chicago Architecture Photography

The way we choose to see things makes all the difference. It gives you a different perspective. Sometimes I walk around and feel like I’m living in this little bubble, constantly going through the motions and stuck in a this world of “comfortability” sort to speak. Not to say that being comfortable is wrong/ bad by any means, but I tend to need a change in my routine every now and then in order to keep being excited about what I do. And this is not only speaking in terms of photography. Every time I travel to Chicago, I usually take the Metra Railway to Chicago Union Station. I get off and weave through the crowd of people with their own agenda at hand, and as I exit, I am always welcomed by the Sears (Willis) Tower. There’s always a line out the door waiting for their chance to visit the Skydeck, along with couples taking selfies with it in the background. I have seen it many times, and have photographed it too many times to count. I usually just pass by it now, as it has become yet another billboard on my route through the city. But instead of passing by it a hundred times and just brushing this architecture marvel off my shoulders, what if instead, I looked at it 100 different ways. Now that’s exciting.

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Out of Focus



There are days where I would just take the train eastbound to Chicago just to walk around, and enjoy the city lights. Sometimes I pull out my camera and take pictures and sometimes I don’t. I enjoy these days the best. Days where I’m not focused on being behind a camera, and can enjoy where I am at that moment. While at the same time these are the days where I experiment the most with my photography. This was one of those days, where being out of focus was the only way to get back into focus. In some ways, blurring my view allows me to see places differently and appreciate a places like the Chicago Post Office by Mies van der Rohe just a little bit more.

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Morning Drops


Last nights rain was still present in the air but the sun was quickly erasing any physical remnants of it’s existence. A soft light hit the corner of my eye; an unexpected encounter as I walked out of my front door in the early morning. A few drops of water, suspended in the air as if they were walking on a tight rope. Each one illuminated by the sun as I snapped some photographs. Something as small as a spider web stopped me in my tracks, and I’ve never really appreciated the beauty of these natural moments until I got up close and viewed nature from a different perspective. These are a few moments in nature that I often overlook; that I often walk right by as I’m checking my email on my phone. Nature photography or just photography in general seems to have made me aware of my surroundings a lot more than I have ever thought. Something as small as a spider web can be as big a city just by viewing it through a lens.

Between the Leaves

Autumn & Nature Photography

Fall has always been my favorite season. Looking past the flowers as the leaves come alive with color; while the crisp breezes offers a breathe of fresh air. I always look forward to this season, not only for the fall photography but for the long walks watching nature change before my eyes. Looking between the leaves waiting for that Touch of Autumn that I have always enjoyed.