All Things Will Pass


All Things will Pass. I recently came across an old friend’s status which were quite inspiring to me. It’s truly courageous to hear other’s perspective on life, on their happiness as well as how they deal with pain and fear. That is a major reason why I enjoy reading everyone’s blog and posts. I just want to thank each and everyone of you for your words, for they can affect and change a persons outlook on life and can make a positive impact in a persons life. I’ll leave you with some words that made me write this post and think about how I handle fear.

Over the last few weeks I have had to come face to face with fear. What is fear? We all have fear, but we all choose to face it in different ways. For me, for the longest time I would put anything I feared on the back burner and would hope it would just go away, but that wouldn’t solve anything, it would only burn and grow bigger and stronger. I’ve realized that it’s okay to have fear- but rather than avoiding it- taking it head on and confronting that which you fear. Detachment. Nothing is permanent, we live with temporary situations with temporary attachments, it’s when you separate yourself from the thought of attachment that abundance flows and the permanence you seek comes to you. Energy goes where energy flows. Time to conquer the fears and triumph over them.

– Tiffini –

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Set the Sky on Fire

Clouds Nature Photography

I could see in the sky that a storm was approaching quick. The air even had a different smell to it. I was on my way to Chicago to do some night shooting, thinking that just as long as I keep driving that Mother Nature wouldn’t be able to catch me. In that instant I saw a part in the clouds, light came shining through and just like that, the sun set the sky on fire. It lasted  a couple of minutes before one raindrop turned into two and two in billions. Mother Nature caught me.

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Winter Skyline

Trump Tower Chicago Skyline Photography

The snow stopped falling as the clouds moved on to their next destination. Within minutes, the Chicago skyline emerged from the blizzard that previously erased any evidence of it’s existence. A sea of architecture covers the ground as the Trump Tower rises towards the Chicago sky.

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A Walk on the Beach

A Walk on the Punta Cana Beach

I was recently fortunate enough to travel to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. White sand and blue water; it was beautiful. Every morning I would wake up and travel down the beach. I would try and focus on photography but would quickly get distracted by the endless scenery. My girlfriend and I would sit and watch the tide come in, drop off a shell or two and then quickly disappear. Even though I brought my camera, it seemed hard to take as many photographs as I wanted to. Traveling has always been a love of mine and I hope there’s many more adventures to come. I never thought a walk would be as majestic as this, but it was. Simply put, this was just a walk on the beach. Continue reading

Living the Double Life

Double Exposure Photography

The idea of double exposure photography has been a concept that I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. I have seen countless amount of multiple exposure work from fantastic photographers and each one has inspired me to try it. I never quite knew where or how to start so I just dove right in. The hardest part about this was the portrait. I have never really delved into portrait photography mostly due to the fact that I have no one to take a portrait of. But what better time to start than now. I mixed in scenes that I personally enjoy, images of the city, landscapes & nature. It was more of an idea of expressing what’s inside. Allowing you to see what I love about the world. In the end, the resulting images became very minimalist and natural. I was very content with how these came out but more excited to begin to get more creative with this idea. There are no limitations when it comes to double exposure photography and I can’t wait to explore this more! Continue reading

From the Passenger Seat

I hit the road this weekend to attend a wedding that was about 4 hours south of Chicago. It was a long drive but the scenery was so relaxing that it made the ride go by quickly. The landscape was beautiful and serene while the country sunsets filled the sky with dramatic hues of orange and yellow. We didn’t have time to pull over and explore and I didn’t want to miss a moment, so I just quietly snapped photographs while we drove. These are some of my snap shots from the passenger seat. Continue reading