The Way We Choose to See Things

Creative Chicago Architecture Photography

Chicago Architecture Photography

The way we choose to see things makes all the difference. It gives you a different perspective. Sometimes I walk around and feel like I’m living in this little bubble, constantly going through the motions and stuck in a this world of “comfortability” sort to speak. Not to say that being comfortable is wrong/ bad by any means, but I tend to need a change in my routine every now and then in order to keep being excited about what I do. And this is not only speaking in terms of photography. Every time I travel to Chicago, I usually take the Metra Railway to Chicago Union Station. I get off and weave through the crowd of people with their own agenda at hand, and as I exit, I am always welcomed by the Sears (Willis) Tower. There’s always a line out the door waiting for their chance to visit the Skydeck, along with couples taking selfies with it in the background. I have seen it many times, and have photographed it too many times to count. I usually just pass by it now, as it has become yet another billboard on my route through the city. But instead of passing by it a hundred times and just brushing this architecture marvel off my shoulders, what if instead, I looked at it 100 different ways. Now that’s exciting.

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Abstract Architecture

I planned to spend this Saturday evening to watch a concert along the lake but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to travel through the streets of any city (I was also starving). Walking into the shadows of Milwaukee, hearing nothing but the sound of my stomach rumble, I came across a shell. I was quickly drawn to the shadows created as the sun was going down. It reminded me of the Drivers Express Facility in Chicago. There was nothing significant about the architecture but the patterns created gave me a reason to stop, look up and capture the moment.

Between the Flowers

Between the Flowers Nature Photography

Walking back from the Milwaukee Art Museum, a small patch of purple flowers caught the corner of my eye. I quickly walked up to this miniature field of lavender and extending my camera into its world; a little slice of nature. Although I was viewing a sea of purple, there was one individual that stood out among the rest. I don’t know why this one sparked my curiosity but it did. Looking between the flowers was a way for me to explore different perspectives. I often find it difficult to break from my own conventional way of photography, and often seek new ways to look at the world. Looking past of what’s in plain view, finding that diamond in the rough. It made me happy while at the same time it made me think. I could take a picture of all of these flowers in focus and it would have been very beautiful but it wouldn’t of said anything. I was interested in focusing on the beauty of the part while neglecting the whole. Each flower is part of this field, framing the ones around it; but without each one, it would have ceased to catch my eye. And that’s the beauty of looking between the flowers.

A Sliver of Nature

Abstract Nature Photography

I’ve often use macro photography to spark my imagination.  I can walk through the forest, and it forces me to get up close, closer than I ever thought I would. It’s an intimate feeling, almost as if I’m exploring a never before seen world. I look down at a sea of color and it’s quite amazing. It allows me to gain such a shallow depth of field that I often lose track of exactly what I’m photographing at points and it doesn’t bother me a bit. I’ve always been captured by abstract art and I often use macro photography as a way to paint my own abstract photography paintings. Sometimes you just have to lose control; forget about everything that’s happening around you and focus on one thing. This is a sliver of nature.

On the Road

On the Road

On the Road

This picture was taken at Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve in Illinois. Being on the road with no clear direction to go. Knowing that I have to face a fork in the road, but I stopped and choose not to acknowledge it. I wasn’t looking forward or backwards but chose to focus on where I was at at that moment.

Being on the road with no clear direction to go. Knowing that you have to face a fork in the road, but choose not to acknowledge it. Don’t look forward, and don’t look back. Live life now, live in the moment. Live On The Road

Looking Up #5

The Milwaukee Art Museum

I’m working on a short photography book documenting my visit to the Milwaukee Art Museum, in which this photo’s included. I’m hoping to finish it up within a couple of days. This is more of a minimalist view looking up at the Reiman Bridge.

Milwaukee Art Museum Reiman Bridge

Milwaukee Art Museum Reiman Bridge