Crossing the Bridge

Fall in Illinois Photography

The color of the leaves, that cool autumn breeze and everything in between makes for the perfect Sunday.


A Walk on the Beach

A Walk on the Punta Cana Beach

I was recently fortunate enough to travel to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. White sand and blue water; it was beautiful. Every morning I would wake up and travel down the beach. I would try and focus on photography but would quickly get distracted by the endless scenery. My girlfriend and I would sit and watch the tide come in, drop off a shell or two and then quickly disappear. Even though I brought my camera, it seemed hard to take as many photographs as I wanted to. Traveling has always been a love of mine and I hope there’s many more adventures to come. I never thought a walk would be as majestic as this, but it was. Simply put, this was just a walk on the beach. Continue reading



Trapped. This is a concept that I’ve wanted to convey for a while now. It’s a notion of being over taken by one’s inner demons sort to speak. It’s not as simple as having that voice whispering in your ear persuading you to take part of an act that should be avoided but more of a dependence. There are moments like this where you feel like you can’t escape. It physically takes a hold onto you and you can’t escape from it. I’ve seen it happen and have experience it as well and it’s hard to fight free from it. You lose control. The hardest part is that it never leaves. It’s a part of you. It is you.



Abstract Architecture

I planned to spend this Saturday evening to watch a concert along the lake but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to travel through the streets of any city (I was also starving). Walking into the shadows of Milwaukee, hearing nothing but the sound of my stomach rumble, I came across a shell. I was quickly drawn to the shadows created as the sun was going down. It reminded me of the Drivers Express Facility in Chicago. There was nothing significant about the architecture but the patterns created gave me a reason to stop, look up and capture the moment.

Living the Double Life

Double Exposure Photography

The idea of double exposure photography has been a concept that I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. I have seen countless amount of multiple exposure work from fantastic photographers and each one has inspired me to try it. I never quite knew where or how to start so I just dove right in. The hardest part about this was the portrait. I have never really delved into portrait photography mostly due to the fact that I have no one to take a portrait of. But what better time to start than now. I mixed in scenes that I personally enjoy, images of the city, landscapes & nature. It was more of an idea of expressing what’s inside. Allowing you to see what I love about the world. In the end, the resulting images became very minimalist and natural. I was very content with how these came out but more excited to begin to get more creative with this idea. There are no limitations when it comes to double exposure photography and I can’t wait to explore this more! Continue reading

Burn After Reading

Burn After Reading

This weekend I started to work on a couple of new ideas. Something I have never done before and that I’m pretty excited about. Everywhere I look, I can’t help but to get inspired. From just walking outside to seeing all of your work, I feel like there’s so many different areas to explore within photography and I want to try them all. This photograph is reflection of escaping from my norm and taking a risk. A book of everything that I’m comfortable with in the realms of photography and burning it and trying something new. I will always be curious with the world and will continue to explore it through photography as I’ve done but I am just excited about this new chapter that I am writing. A new beginning. Keep an eye out for some of these new ideas on Wednesday!

Between the Flowers

Between the Flowers Nature Photography

Walking back from the Milwaukee Art Museum, a small patch of purple flowers caught the corner of my eye. I quickly walked up to this miniature field of lavender and extending my camera into its world; a little slice of nature. Although I was viewing a sea of purple, there was one individual that stood out among the rest. I don’t know why this one sparked my curiosity but it did. Looking between the flowers was a way for me to explore different perspectives. I often find it difficult to break from my own conventional way of photography, and often seek new ways to look at the world. Looking past of what’s in plain view, finding that diamond in the rough. It made me happy while at the same time it made me think. I could take a picture of all of these flowers in focus and it would have been very beautiful but it wouldn’t of said anything. I was interested in focusing on the beauty of the part while neglecting the whole. Each flower is part of this field, framing the ones around it; but without each one, it would have ceased to catch my eye. And that’s the beauty of looking between the flowers.