Waking Up in Michigan

Lake Michigan Sunset Landscape Photography

Lake Michigan Recreation Area Photography

I close my eyes and all I hear are the leaves being slowly pushed by the wind. This is where I am most at ease; the most myself. I enjoy it. Waking up with the trees above your head, cooking a meal over a fire, listening to the wood crackle as it burns while breathing in the fresh air. A couple of weeks ago, I drove up to the Lake Michigan Recreation Area. There was no reason in particular, I guess it just seemed like a good opportunity to get away for a day; to keep it simple, no distractions and to just be. I knew I was getting close as both window seats were filled with views of endless trees. A bumpy, dirt road gently carves it way through the forest as to leave the least impact of it ever being there. Once I opened up my door, there seemed to be a sense of relief. The air carried the soft sounds of laughter with a backdrop of the lake meeting the shore. I smiled with every step closer to the beach, and as my feet hit the sand I felt like a child again. Whenever I road trip, hike or just wander by myself, I always feel like I’m at peace, like I have the world in the palm of my hands. Maybe because I can clear my head of every thought and just live in that moment. Here are a couple of those moments that made me smile.

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Living under the Stars


Driving through the pitch black woods at 12 am until I see a faint light at the end of the road, well not a faint light I guess just less darkness. I reached the end and I can hear the waves. Beverly Shores Indiana is quite a hidden treasure. This was my second opportunity visiting this beach and it’s about an hour drive from Chicago. Beverly Shores is a secluded little oasis right off of Lake Michigan, but what makes it truly beautiful is that it’s the #7 dark sky community. Walking down the steps to get to the beach is a task in its own if you do not have a flash light but once you reach the beach you instantly feel like your hundreds of miles away. Being from the Chicago area, I get happy when I’m able to look up and see the big dipper, but here… here the sky is alive. It’s pitch black with only the stars to offer you light and the waves to play you music. Enjoy your weekend!

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All Things Will Pass


All Things will Pass. I recently came across an old friend’s status which were quite inspiring to me. It’s truly courageous to hear other’s perspective on life, on their happiness as well as how they deal with pain and fear. That is a major reason why I enjoy reading everyone’s blog and posts. I just want to thank each and everyone of you for your words, for they can affect and change a persons outlook on life and can make a positive impact in a persons life. I’ll leave you with some words that made me write this post and think about how I handle fear.

Over the last few weeks I have had to come face to face with fear. What is fear? We all have fear, but we all choose to face it in different ways. For me, for the longest time I would put anything I feared on the back burner and would hope it would just go away, but that wouldn’t solve anything, it would only burn and grow bigger and stronger. I’ve realized that it’s okay to have fear- but rather than avoiding it- taking it head on and confronting that which you fear. Detachment. Nothing is permanent, we live with temporary situations with temporary attachments, it’s when you separate yourself from the thought of attachment that abundance flows and the permanence you seek comes to you. Energy goes where energy flows. Time to conquer the fears and triumph over them.

– Tiffini –

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Home is Right Where You Are

Chicago Skydeck Sunset Photography
Home is where the heart is. Home is where you make it. Home is wherever I am with you. Home is family to some, friends to others; a sense of nostalgia. Some are still searching for home while others do not know what home is. For me home is a feeling. It’s not a specific street, a set of random numbers placed on my mailbox, but more of laughter, smiles; a sense of being on top of the world. It’s not one specific place but a plethora of places, although I feel at home in Chicago quite often. It’s that feeling you get while you are standing at that place. The sense of excitement, enjoyment, calmness. It’s as if nothing else in the world matters except for this moment. If you are smiling right now, laughing, curious, or in love. If you are happy, you are home. Home is right where you are.


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A Walk on the Beach

Winter Beach on Lake Michigan

With the temperatures rising in Chicago, I drove to Van Buren State Park Beach in South Haven Michigan because of my last experience on the beach in Michigan, waiting for the sunset over Lake Michigan. When I arrived, the beach was covered in piles of snow waiting to melt into the water. Mini icebergs scattered atop the lake, disappearing into the distance. But that weather was beautiful, the beach was empty and the sounds were soothing. As I headed back to my car, a father and son walked up to the edge of the lake and stopped. It’s something that seems so small, just another day but it’s a moment I’m sure they will both remember; their walk on the beach.

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Deep Freeze


The temperature drops to mimic the setting sun although it adds a warmth of color to the sky. I begin to walk along Lake Michigan, and it was sort of a surreal moment. The same paths that I’ve taken in July are now unrecognizable, hiding underneath layers of snow and ice. There was something calming about being here. It was as if this moment got frozen in time. Although hearing the sounds of the Lake Shore traffic behind me, it seemed silent. The icicles hanging down as the crackle in the ice creates mini icebergs floating in the water. I enjoy moments like this, moments of the winter lake.

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Living the Double Life

Double Exposure Photography

The idea of double exposure photography has been a concept that I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. I have seen countless amount of multiple exposure work from fantastic photographers and each one has inspired me to try it. I never quite knew where or how to start so I just dove right in. The hardest part about this was the portrait. I have never really delved into portrait photography mostly due to the fact that I have no one to take a portrait of. But what better time to start than now. I mixed in scenes that I personally enjoy, images of the city, landscapes & nature. It was more of an idea of expressing what’s inside. Allowing you to see what I love about the world. In the end, the resulting images became very minimalist and natural. I was very content with how these came out but more excited to begin to get more creative with this idea. There are no limitations when it comes to double exposure photography and I can’t wait to explore this more! Continue reading