Behind the Streetlamp

Chicago Street Light

Often over looked but always essential. The Chicago streetlamp shines down as the sun goes down. Offering a sort of protection to those who wander underneath it. Breaking through the darkness as it provides a sort of path through the bustling streets of Chicago. Just follow the light.

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Where Did the Time Go?

Where Did the Time Go

I look back at photos like this, one having a story behind it that I will never know. Each one of these photographs are just a page in another person’s book. While at the same time, a part of my book. I look at this moment, and I was reminded of my own childhood, running around without a care in the world. I begin to write my own story of shared memories with people that I have never met. It’s that split second where both of us are at the same place at the same time and these are the experiences, the moments that I would never trade for in the world. Where did the time go? Nowhere. It may just lie in a photograph.


The Little Things in Life

Crown Fountain Chicago

After a long summer day of walking around in Chicago, all I wanted was someone to pick me up, carry me home, or at least pour a bucket of water over my head. The sun was beating down and I was just feeling drained. I sat down at the first chance I got and then I saw this little boy running full speed to the Crown Fountain in Millennium Park. He had no care in the world; as the water hit his head, it made me think. It’s not the problems you face, nor the arguments that occur, or the grudges or mistakes you hold onto. It’s the moments that makes you happy. It’s the little things in life that makes you feel alive. It’s the little things in life like these.

An Evening Skate

I haven’t had much inspiration these past couple of weeks. I really can not place the blame on the inconsistent weather but it does seem to be getting somewhat nicer out. So hopefully this weekend I can get back at it. This picture was taken at the ice skating rink at millennium park. It’s quite serene skating under the city lights surrounded by the architecture of Chicago. People come and go, slide and fall or just sit and watch as the Zamboni passes by. Whenever I’m here, I can’t help but stop and watch. From experienced to first time skaters, they all come here to create a memory.

An Evening Skate at Millennium Park

An Evening Skate at Millennium Park