Living under the Stars


Driving through the pitch black woods at 12 am until I see a faint light at the end of the road, well not a faint light I guess just less darkness. I reached the end and I can hear the waves. Beverly Shores Indiana is quite a hidden treasure. This was my second opportunity visiting this beach and it’s about an hour drive from Chicago. Beverly Shores is a secluded little oasis right off of Lake Michigan, but what makes it truly beautiful is that it’s the #7 dark sky community. Walking down the steps to get to the beach is a task in its own if you do not have a flash light but once you reach the beach you instantly feel like your hundreds of miles away. Being from the Chicago area, I get happy when I’m able to look up and see the big dipper, but here… here the sky is alive. It’s pitch black with only the stars to offer you light and the waves to play you music. Enjoy your weekend!

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Set the Sky on Fire

Clouds Nature Photography

I could see in the sky that a storm was approaching quick. The air even had a different smell to it. I was on my way to Chicago to do some night shooting, thinking that just as long as I keep driving that Mother Nature wouldn’t be able to catch me. In that instant I saw a part in the clouds, light came shining through and just like that, the sun set the sky on fire. It lasted  a couple of minutes before one raindrop turned into two and two in billions. Mother Nature caught me.

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Garden of Waterfalls


Ever since I was little I have always been drawn to water. I always loved rivers and watching water flow down the street after/ during a rain storm and today was no different. I woke up, looked outside and maybe it was the kid in me or the wanderlust or a little bit of both, but I really had an urge to see a waterfall.  Within an instant, I grabbed my camera, got in my car and set off through the mist to Matthiessen State Park (even though I just knew that it was going to start to pour any second). It was just my luck that once I pulled into the parking lot, the rain started to pick up. I waited for a couple of minutes, as I watched families who were gathered for a picnic embrace mother nature, singing while they ran to throw water balloons at each other. As the rain began to die down, I made my way down the wooden stairs, descending to the base of Matthiessen’s shady canyon floor. I hiked along the river which carves it’s way through the sandstone, offering quite an experience and a spectacular view of this sort of hidden gem in Illinois. It seemed like I had the whole park to myself, listening to nothing but the birds, water and the occasional couple trudging back through the water. Once I heard the the sound of rushing water, I knew I found what I was looking for. I found myself in the garden of waterfalls.

I would love to hear/ see of any waterfalls you have visited before, please share them!


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