Somethings Never get Old

Michigan Sunset Photography

Somethings never get old. 

Over the weekend, I found myself riding a bike in Michigan, with the same exhilaration I once had when I was young. It might have been due to the scenery or maybe that there was not an objective or destination that I was riding to, but I forgot all about time. Once I got to the beach I watched the grass dance in the wind as the sun slowly sets. Time flies by so much that I often forget about what used to make me happy when I was young and had no care in the world. I just have to always remember…

Somethings never get old.


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Something I Can Touch

Chicago Self Portrait

It’s just one of those days

Give me something I can touch when the sun rise
Give me something I can taste on my tongue’s tied
Love life
Don’t waste another night
Stage dive
Jump like you could fly
Die young or grow old
One shot before you know
You’re gone

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You’ll Find Me Watching the Waves

Lake Michigan Water Photography

As I was walking back from the Oak Street Beach in Chicago, I noticed the subtle movements of Lake Michigan out of the corner of my eye. I turned and watched as the ripples danced across the surface. It seemed hypnotic at one point as if it put me in a momentary trance. I’ve always had a love for the sea, the oceans, lakes & even puddles. I don’t know what it is but whenever I’m in Chicago you’ll find me watching the waves.

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It’s Simple, Really.


I’ve been traveling lately; with the sole purpose of trying new things, seeing new places, meeting new people and gaining new experiences. There’s a sense of exhilaration of not knowing where you’re going or where you will end. I’m writing this because someone asked me while I was on a mini road trip, how I got into photography & that they wish they had an “eye” for photography. It seemed fitting to offer a sort of reflection on one of my earliest photographs that I took while travelling to California. I just started out with photography and didn’t know half of what I know now. And yet it seemed so much easier. I was just a wanderer, daydreaming behind a lens. I would use photography as a purpose of remembering what once stopped me in my tracks (such as these lanterns suspended in the sky in the late evening). A sort of time capsule of my curiosity. I never thought of it as a career or a means of an income by any means. I never had an eye for it nor do I believe that you need one. You just need to be curious & you’ll start to see everyday just a little bit differently. And now it has been a way for me to communicate without words; to tell stories, to ask questions, and sometimes to put a smile on someones face. I’m very grateful to be able to share my photography for you all, whether it’s to one person or to twenty. I’ve learned and have been inspired by so many people and always will be. So photography to me…well…It’s simple, really.

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Late Night Walks

Chicago Skyline Lake Michigan Beach

No matter what the temperature is or what day it may be, one of my favorite things to do in the world is go for late night walks along the Lake Michigan Beach in Chicago. It has always been a sort of sanctuary to me. Maybe it’s the sound of the cars speeding along Lake Shore Drive, the few joggers passing by, the cool breeze trailing off from the lake or the waves moving back and forth from the edge of the sand as if the lake was gently breathing. Whatever it may be, it has a hold on me. When ever I need to clear my head or just need to take a walk, I do not hesitate to get in my car and drive to the beach. It’s more than just a quick escape from reality; it’s almost like a best friend (if a place can be considered a best friend) where you get comfort, can let go and can open up and be yourself at. I walk along the path, with the Chicago skyline in the distant, I recall the familiar scenery although every visit I seem to notice something different. I tell myself that I’m there for photography which I do most of the time, but often find myself searching for sea shells hiding within the sand or skipping rocks as I watch them disappear in the night. Just maybe, these are the reasons why late night walks on the beach are one of my favorite things to do in the world.


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