Face to Face

Chicago African Lion Photography

While making my rounds through the zoo, I was fortunate enough to get a picture of the African lion named Sahar! Located in the heart of Lincoln Park right along Lake Michigan is the Lincoln Park Zoo. It’s funny to think that one second you could be walking along the beach surrounded by the Chicago skyline and the next moment you could be face to face with a lion. When I was younger, I’ve always wanted to let all of the animals free. I guess I went through my Jumanji phrase, hoping one day I would see a stampede on Michigan Ave. while I watch a gorilla climb the Willis Tower and hear the roar of a lion in the distance at Millennium Park. Well that’s enough of nostalgia for one day.

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Garden of Waterfalls


Ever since I was little I have always been drawn to water. I always loved rivers and watching water flow down the street after/ during a rain storm and today was no different. I woke up, looked outside and maybe it was the kid in me or the wanderlust or a little bit of both, but I really had an urge to see a waterfall.  Within an instant, I grabbed my camera, got in my car and set off through the mist to Matthiessen State Park (even though I just knew that it was going to start to pour any second). It was just my luck that once I pulled into the parking lot, the rain started to pick up. I waited for a couple of minutes, as I watched families who were gathered for a picnic embrace mother nature, singing while they ran to throw water balloons at each other. As the rain began to die down, I made my way down the wooden stairs, descending to the base of Matthiessen’s shady canyon floor. I hiked along the river which carves it’s way through the sandstone, offering quite an experience and a spectacular view of this sort of hidden gem in Illinois. It seemed like I had the whole park to myself, listening to nothing but the birds, water and the occasional couple trudging back through the water. Once I heard the the sound of rushing water, I knew I found what I was looking for. I found myself in the garden of waterfalls.

I would love to hear/ see of any waterfalls you have visited before, please share them!


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Ripple Effect

Chicago Aqua Building

I really enjoy framing buildings in a way to remove their context and focus on the part that makes up the whole. Emphasizing the the rippling balconies that create the unique facade of this building. No matter how many times I pass by the Aqua building it always makes me look up.


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Living Above

Living Above

When thinking about this picture I was quickly reminded of a book I read some time ago called Delirious New York by an architect named Rem Koolhaas. It reminded me about vertical living. How instead of sprawling north, south, east or west, we instead went up. I recall reading  about how the invention of the elevator allowed hundreds of people live and work on the same plot of land but have completely different lives. How every floor can open up to a different world and you never know until the doors open and you step out. I know I am rambling about what may seem as nonsense, but that is what I love so much about photography. A picture of a Chicago high rise reminds me of a book I read in college, it reminds me of how something as simple as an elevator has changed and molded the urban city as we know it, but more importantly it reminds me of the different worlds people live in. Right now, in this moment, people are going to work, reading a book, eating lunch, walking in the park, flying in a plane or just writing a blog. It just makes me think.


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Michigan: Pictured Rocks


Sunset on the 12 mile beach in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

I recently cam back from a weekend road trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Waking up 4 am, I was running purely on excitement (a couple of cups of coffee). We packed everything in our cars and started our journey. Driving right along Lake Michigan, through small towns and being surrounded by countless forests, it did not feel like a 5 1/2 hour drive at all. While singing along to every song like I was closing out a karaoke bar probably made everyone feel like it was a 10 hour drive, but oh well. We made it to Munising and once we arrived, we found a small secluded camp site about 30 minutes away, right along Lake Superior. It was called 12 mile beach, secluded, quiet and simply beautiful. This was the best day weather wise, and I stayed on the beach to watch the sunset.

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